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Is MCT Oil better than coconut oil?

Is MCT Oil better than Coconut Oil?

MCT oil and coconut oil have different composition of medium chain Triglycerides. The differences in their effects on health come from considerably different proportions of some fatty acids types: coconut oil is lower in MCTs and high in Lauric acid...

Medium chain triglycerides

Medium chain triglycerides

The interest in medium chain triglycerides has increased in recent years due to the popularization of coconut oil as a super food. Find out what are medium chain triglycerides and what is their association with coconut oil, palm kernel oil and MCT...

MCT Oil - all you need to know - evidence based health benefits

MCT Oil benefits – evidence based

MCT oil is predominantly an extract of two medium chain triglycerides  with several therapeutic properties. Learn what does science say about it: its properties, what is it good for, how is metabolized and what is an optimal dosage.

Lauric acid - is it medium or long chain?

Lauric acid – is it medium or long chain?

This article describes some common myths related to categorizing lauric acid as long chain, and explains why it is actually a medium chain fatty acid. Why do we care if lauric acid is a medium or a long chain fatty acid? Medium chain fatty acids are...



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