Nutrition Myths


What is chia? All you need to know

What is chia, what are chia seeds, their benefits and side effects, where to buy them, how to store and use them. See all the answers here!

Coconut oil benefits – Evidence Based

Coconut oil is a valuable, nutritious addition to the diet but it is not a superfood. Consumption of coconut oil may have some health benefits, but the evidence is still weak. See what has been proven so far..

Is MCT Oil better than Coconut Oil?

MCT oil and coconut oil have different composition of medium chain Triglycerides. The differences in their effects on health come from considerably different proportions of some fatty acids types: coconut oil is lower in MCTs and high in Lauric acid...

Medium chain triglycerides

The interest in medium chain triglycerides has increased in recent years due to the popularization of coconut oil as a super food. Find out what are medium chain triglycerides and what is their association with coconut oil, palm kernel oil and MCT...

MCT Oil benefits – evidence based

MCT oil is predominantly an extract of two medium chain triglycerides  with several therapeutic properties. Learn what does science say about it: its properties, what is it good for, how is metabolized and what is an optimal dosage.


Polyphenols are chemical compounds, synthesized by plants that can benefit human health. The most common sources of these compounds are cocoa, vegetables, fruit and teas.