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Recommendations for Potassium (mg/day)

Life Stage Age RDA for menUL for menRDA for womenUL for women
Infants 0-6 months400-400-
Infants 6-12 months 700-700-
Children 1-3 years 3,000-3,000-
Children4-8 years 3,800-3,800-
Children 9-13 years 4,500-4,500-
Adolescents 14-18 years 4,700-4,700-
Adults 19-50 years 4,700-4,700-
Adults 51-70 years 4,700-4,700-
Adults > 70 years 4,700-4,700-
Pregnancy 14-18 years--4,700-
Pregnancy 19-50 years--4,700-
Breast-feeding 14-18 years--5,100-
Breast-feeding 19-50 years--5,100-
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Best food sources of Potassium

FoodServingAmount of Potassium (mg)% of RDA
for men
Rating% of RDA
for women
Coconut water1 cup (240g)60015.8Good21.4Excellent
Cuttlefish, cooked3 oz (85g)541.514.2Good19.3Good
Octopus, cooked3 oz (85g)535.514.1Good19.1Good
Clam, cooked3 oz (85g)533.814Good19.1Good
Adzuki beans, cooked1/2 cup (100g)53214Good19Good
Halibut, cooked3 oz (85g)489.612.9Good17.5Good
Avocadosmall (100g)48512.8Good17.3Good
Pork lean, cooked3 oz (85g)481.912.7Good17.2Good
Lima beans, cooked1/2 cup (94g)477.512.6Good17.1Good
Snapper, cooked3 oz (85g)443.711.7Good15.8Good
Soybeans, cooked1/2 cup (86g)44311.7Good15.8Good
Bananamedium (118g)42211.1Good15.1Good
Scallops, cooked3 oz (85g)404.610.6Good14.4Good
Grouper, cooked3 oz (85g)403.810.6Good14.4Good
Pollock, cooked3 oz (85g)387.610.2Good13.8Good
Trout, cooked3 oz (85g)374.99.9-13.4Good
Pinto beans, cooked1/2 cup (85,5g)3739.8-13.3Good
Jackfruit1/2 cup (82,5g)369.69.7-13.2Good
Lentils, cooked1/2 cup (99g)365.59.6-13.1Good
Carp, cooked3 oz (85g)3639.6-13Good
Kidney beans, cooked1/2 cup (88,5g)356.59.4-12.7Good
Herring, cooked3 oz (85g)356.29.4-12.7Good
Navy beans, cooked1/2 cup (91g)3549.3-12.6Good
Milk, cow's1 cup (244g)3499.2-12.5Good
Mackerel, cooked3 oz (85g)340.99-12.2Good
Haddock, cooked3 oz (85g)339.28.9-12.1Good
Beef, lean3 oz (85g)3348.8-11.9Good
Goose, cooked3 oz (85g)329.88.7-11.8Good
Salmon, cooked3 oz (85g)326.48.6-11.7Good
Swordfish, cooked3 oz (85g)313.78.3-11.2Good
Black beans, cooked1/2 cup (86g)305.58-10.9Good
Lobster, cooked3 oz (85g)299.27.9-10.7Good
Beef liver, cooked3 oz (85g)299.27.9-10.7Good
Perch, cooked3 oz (85g)297.57.8-10.6Good
Eel, cooked3 oz (85g)296.77.8-10.6Good
Soy milk1 cup (250g)2957.8-10.5Good
Flounder, cooked3 oz (85g)292.47.7-10.4Good
Pistachios1 oz (28g)2927.7-10.4Good
Tomato1 medium (123g)2927.7-10.4Good
Turnip greens1 cup (144g)2927.7-10.4Good
Beet greens1 cup (38g)2907.6-10.4Good
Veal lean, cooked3 oz (85g)2897.6-10.3Good
Parsnip, cooked1/2 cup (78g)2867.5-10.2Good
Lamb lean, cooked3 oz (85g)285.67.5-10.2Good
Peachmedium (150g)2857.5-10.2Good
Pumpkin, cooked1/2 cup (122,5g)2827.4-10.1Good
Pike, cooked3 oz (85g)281.47.4-10-
Yogurt low fat1/2 cup (120g)280.77.4-10-
Crab, cooked3 oz (85g)275.47.2-9.8-
Tuna, cooked3 oz (85g)274.57.2-9.8-
Beetroot, cooked1/2 cup (85g)2596.8-9.3-
Spinach, cooked1/2 cup (90g)256.56.8-9.2-
Potato, cooked1/2 cup (78g)2566.7-9.1-
Rabbit, cooked3 oz (85g)2556.7-9.1-
Turkey, cooked3 oz (85g)253.26.7-9-
Passionfruit4 medium (72g)250.46.6-8.9-
Currants, dried1 oz (28g)2506.6-8.9-
Coconut milk1/2 cup (120g)248.56.5-8.9-
Brussels sprouts, cooked1/2 cup (78g)2476.5-8.8-
Abalone, cooked3 oz (85g)241.46.4-8.6-
Artichokes, cooked1/2 cup (84g)2406.3-8.6-
Chickpeas, cooked1/2 cup (82g)238.56.3-8.5-
Kiwifruit skin on1 medium (76g)2376.2-8.5-
Oysters3 oysters (140g)235.56.2-8.4-
Radish4 medium (100g)2336.1-8.3-
Sweet potato, cooked1/2 cup (100g)2306.1-8.2-
Broccoli florets, cooked1/2 cup (78g)2296-8.2-
Flaxseed1 oz (28g)2286-8.1-
Mussel, cooked3 oz (85g)227.86-8.1-
Cantaloupe1/2 cup (85g)2276-8.1-
Pumpkin seeds1 oz (28g)2265.9-8.1-
Blood orangemedium (121g)2195.8-7.8-
Orangemedium (121g)2195.8-7.8-
Dandelion greens1 cup (55g)2185.7-7.8-
Green peas, cooked1/2 cup (80g)2175.7-7.8-
Duck, cooked3 oz (85g)214.25.6-7.7-
Pearmedium (178g)2125.6-7.6-
Plum2 medium (132g)2085.5-7.4-
Cod, cooked3 oz (85g)207.45.5-7.4-
Pomegranate arils1/2 cup (87g)2055.4-7.3-
Crayfish, cooked3 oz (85g)202.35.3-7.2-
Asparagus, cooked1/2 cup (90g)2025.3-7.2-
Poppy seeds1 oz (28g)2015.3-7.2-
Coconut meat2 oz (56g)199.45.2-7.1-
Red cabbage1/2 cup (75g)1965.2-7-
Carrot1 medium (61g)1955.1-7-
Mushrooms, crimini, raw1/2 cup (43,5g)1955.1-7-
Dates, pitted1 oz (28g)194.85.1-7-
Honeydew1/2 cup (85g)193.85.1-6.9-
Corn, cooked1/2 cup (82g)1915-6.8-
Hazelnuts1 oz (28g)190.45-6.8-
Almonds1 oz (28g)187.64.9-6.7-
Cashew nuts1 oz (28g)184.84.9-6.6-
Brazil nuts1 oz (28g)1844.8-6.6-
Quail, cooked3 oz (85g)183.64.8-6.6-
Apricot2 apricots (70g)181.24.8-6.5-
Sunflower seeds1 oz (28g)1814.8-6.5-
Blackcurrants1/2 cup (56g)180.34.7-6.4-
Fennel1/2 cup (43,5g)1804.7-6.4-
Papaya1/2 cup (70g)1804.7-6.4-
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