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Is alkaline diet cancer-protective?

Is alkaline diet cancer – protective?

Alkaline diet may contribute to a risk reduction of developing cancer, purely because it promotes eating whole vegetables and fruit and restricts processed foods and added sugars, but not because of the alkaline environment it claimes to create.

Does alkaline diet really work?

Does alkaline diet really work?

The alkaline diet is actually healthy, but its benefits have nothing to do with what it is claimed. The inclusion of healthy, fresh and whole foods and the restriction of processed and unhealthy foods is what makes it healthy.

ph of urine

Different types of foods cause different levels of acidity of urine depending on their ash contents. Some minerals are acid forming (acid-ash): phosphate, chlorine, sulfur. The results of eating foods with a high ratio of such minerals are that they...

pH of blood

Human ideal blood pH is 7.4 and must be between 7.35 – 7.45 (slightly alkaline) to avoid serious health complications. Due to Merc Manual: 7.37-7.43 and due to MedlinePlus: 7.38-7.42. The human body has the ability to buffer the pH of the blood very...

Buffering system of blood pH

Buffer systems in the body function to maintain the blood at a steady and optimal pH of 7.40. Our system maintains the blood's pH balance using three regulatory mechanisms: bio-chemical buffering, respiratory regulation (removing carbon dioxide) and...