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Coffee & Caffeine

Too much caffeine?

Are you having too much caffeine?

Since the maximum caffeine consumption varies greatly between individuals, every consumer should establish their own limit by basing it on the official recommendations and their sensitivity level to caffeine or their general health.

Caffeine levels in drinks and foods

Caffeine levels in drinks and food. Graphical representation of the caffeine levels in the most popular drinks and foods and a list of all available drinks in USDA'a database and their caffeine contents.

Coffee with milk - is it bad for you?

Coffee with milk – is it bad for you?

Drinking coffee with milk does not harm your health, but it lowers by 23% the absorption of an important antioxidant available in coffee, called chlorogenic acid. This is true if you don't experience negative side effects of coffee and milk, when...

Does caffeine help in weight loss?

Does caffeine help in weight loss?

Drinking coffee or tea don't help in weight loss in the long term, due to the decreased sensitivity to caffeine. In the short term, however, caffeine intake exerts some weight reducing effects.

Caffeine intolerance

How do you develop caffeine tolerance?

Caffeine tolerance refers to how an individual adapts to the effects of an increased dose of caffeine. Tolerance to caffeine can be built with a regular use of the same dose of caffeine, but to achieve the same stimulatory effects the dose needs to...

Is caffeine addictive?

Is caffeine addictive?

Caffeine is a drug that causes physical dependency, not addiction as other drugs. People feel mild withdraw symptoms, from physical dependency, when dropping or reducing the amount of caffeine because of its effects on the human brain.

Is caffeine bad for you?

Is caffeine bad for you?

Caffeine containing foods or beverages can either be bad or good for you depending on your genetic predisposition, on your allergic reaction to it or on the amount of caffeine consumed. For most people 400mg (between 3-5 cups of coffee) of caffeine...

Is coffee bad for you?

Is coffee bad for you?

Coffee can be bad or good for you, mostly depending on your reaction to its main component, caffeine. The health benefits as well as the negative effects of different daily amounts of coffee varies greatly between individuals. Learn which situation...


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