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Are green potatoes toxic?

Are green potatoes toxic?

Green potatoes can be toxic. They may indicate a high level of naturally occurring toxic chemicals called glycoalkaloids. If this level is too high, it can result in consciousness loss and even death.

Are sulfites harmful?

Are sulfites harmful?

Sulfites are found in wine and in some foods. Only a small percentage of the population is sulfite-sensitive (mostly asthmatics). They can experience mild to severe (rare) symptoms of sulfite allergy.

Too much caffeine?

Are you having too much caffeine?

Since the maximum caffeine consumption varies greatly between individuals, every consumer should establish their own limit by basing it on the official recommendations and their sensitivity level to caffeine or their general health.

Can raw potatoes make me sick?

Can raw potatoes make me sick?

Eating raw potatoes can make you sick - they can cause abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, flatulence and cramps. The reasons are the indigestible starch, the contamination of bacteria from the soil and the toxins present in some potatoes.

Can you drink too much milk?

Can you drink too much milk?

We all have a different limit of how much milk and other dairy products we can have per day. This limit can be zero, if you have milk allergy, or 2 servings per day, if you are a men and want to avoid increasing the risk of developing prostate...

Caffeine intolerance

How do you develop caffeine tolerance?

Caffeine tolerance refers to how an individual adapts to the effects of an increased dose of caffeine. Tolerance to caffeine can be built with a regular use of the same dose of caffeine, but to achieve the same stimulatory effects the dose needs to...

Is avocado seed edible?

Is avocado seed edible?

In recent years, avocado seeds have become the new trendy, alternative food. Many general health websites and popular food blogs publish information on how to eat avocado seeds, claiming their extraordinary nutritional health benefits. Historically...

Is canned tuna healthy?

Canned tuna is one of the most nutritious foods available, if consumed within the safe limits. It contains various toxins such as methylmercury, which can be detrimental to one’s health.

Is milk bad for you?

Is milk bad for you?

Yes and no. If you drink more than your body can digest, suffer from an allergy to the cow's milk protein, have gastroenteritis or consume milk from bovine hormone injected cows, than the negative effects might outweigh the positive. Otherwise milk...

Mercury in fish

Mercury levels in fish

Large predatory fish, such as shark, swordfish, marlin, or king mackerel, contain more mercury in a small serving than the weekly maximum safe limit for most people. See the most recent data on the mercury levels in fish.

Milk allergy symptoms

Milk allergy symptoms and causes

Milk allergy, or dairy allergy, is an adverse immune response to the protein in cow’s milk, that mainly affects children. The symptoms depend on the amount of dairy consumed and the severity of the allergy and include vomiting, diarrhea, dermatitis...

Hydrogenation process

What is hydrogenation of oils?

Many products (margarine, shortenings, biscuits and pastries) contain hydrogenated oils. The hydrogenation process uses various chemicals and changes the molecular level of oils.


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