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Does caffeine help in weight loss?

Does caffeine help in weight loss?

Drinking coffee or tea don't help in weight loss in the long term, due to the decreased sensitivity to caffeine. In the short term, however, caffeine intake exerts some weight reducing effects.

Does fiber help you lose weight?

Does fiber help you lose weight?

A high fiber diet contributes to weight loss by: replacing high energy foods; increasing satiety through chewing; creating a bulk with water; slowing down the absorption of nutrients, fat and carbohydrate and reducing inflammation.

MCT Oil - all you need to know - evidence based health benefits

MCT Oil benefits – evidence based

MCT oil is predominantly an extract of two medium chain triglycerides  with several therapeutic properties. Learn what does science say about it: its properties, what is it good for, how is metabolized and what is an optimal dosage.

Obesity in England - statistics

Obesity in England – Statistics

Latest statistics show that in 2014 around one-quarter of adults in England were obese and 2% of men and 4% of women were morbidly obese. The statistics also show differences between gender and ethnic/racial group.


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