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8 by 8 rule

The 8 by 8 rule states that drinking 8 glasses of 8 ounces per day of fluids is optimal for your wellness. It is not very clear where the rule comes from and it has many critics. There are several related myths and variations based on the 8 by 8 rule claiming specific health benefits such as better skin or the effective removal of toxins. There is no evidence, however, proving any of these claims. (read more..) In fact, science shows that such a rule cannot be applied, since fluid needs vary greatly between individuals. However, it is a good general slogan, easy to remember and helps many people to stay hydrated in some circumstances.

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How much water should you drink to lose weight? Drinking more water contributes to weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate. It may be associated with the reduction of appetite and fluid retention.
Can you die from drinking too much water? Drinking above the kidney's ability to filter water (between 800 and 1000 ml per hour) may result in hyponatremia, which can cause swelling of the brain and lead to death.
Reduced sensitivity to thirst may cause dehydration in elderly Dehydration in the elderly is more common, as the receptors responsible for thirst regulation become defective with age.
Is the need for “8 glasses of water per day” a myth? The 8*8 rule is not valid since water requirements vary substantially between individuals. It should be treated as an easy to remember slogan rather than a rule we have to obey.

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