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Choosing the best blender for your Smoothies

If you want to be able to create smoothies and to create them to be the way in which they were intended to be drunk, you’re going to need a high speed blender to make them.
Vitaminx and Blendtec comparison
In order to craft the kind of beverages that will leave you with the perfect smooth consistency, as well as to leave the fiber in play, you’re going to need more than the average beverage blender.

The more difficult to process vegetables such as the carrots or beets typically don’t blend well in an average blender. They will leave a level of pulp that you are not going to like and which is not as palatable as you want your beverage to be. In short, standard 30 or 40 dollar blenders aren’t going to cut it if you’re making smoothies for your health. These veggies are simply too difficult to blend and to completely liquify.

This is not to say that you can’t use a blender that is not as powerful to create some types of smoothies. They can be used to craft some kinds of smoothies, typically those which have a more smooth or soft consistency. The harder vegetables aren’t going to be able to be completely processed in this type of blender. For harder vegetables and those which may have higher fiber or strings associated with them, in order to obtain the consistency that you want, you’re going to need to consider a high speed blender.

Which of the high speed blenders are the most commonly used and which is the best option for you? The best blenders for what we’re doing are of course going to be the high speed blenders. The others don’t have what it takes to create the smooth texture that you’re looking for. You’ll want a high speed blender which is cost effective and does the job that you purchased it to do in an efficient and a timely way.

Our favorites are the Blendtec and the Vitamix. As a personal choice, the Blendtec is one that I own and am quite fond of. In fact, it’s the most commonly used appliance in my kitchen today and it comes out for virtually anything that I do in the kitchen.

The Blendtec Total Blender Classic
The Blendtec is the most user friendly blender that you’re going to find on the market. It offers the same total mechanics that you found in the Champ HP3 and is in fact a redesigned version of this blender.

Made and assembled in the United States, the Blendtec total blender offers a motor which is housed in the base, the jar, a lid which comes in two parts, an instructional DVD and user manual, as well as a book of recipes. The base is where the motor is housed and makes up much of the weight of the Blendtec, which is about 7 pounds without any additions to the jar.

The Blendtec fits well into any kitchen, standing about 15.5 inches tall, fitting well on a counter or beneath cabinets. It is about 7 inches wide by 8 inches deep.

The blender comes in your choice of three colors, white, black, or red. It contains a 1560 watt motor which generates 3 horsepower. At 13 amps, the Blendtec has a titanium coupling as well as solid state electronics in order to ensure smooth blending and safe use. The jar is a patented two quart jar that is crafted of BPA free polycarbonate which has three directional pouring capabilities and a two prong three inch stainless steel blade.

There are no typical knobs on these blenders. Much like the old Oster blenders, the blender interface has nine buttons with each one corresponding to a different function. There are six blend cycles which are pre-programmed into the blender, including ice cream and frozen yogurt, crushed ice, soups and fondues, sauces and dips, and smoothies, as well as whole juices. You have just one button to speed the machine if you so desire, while a small lcd screen displays the blend cycle you are using as well as the time which is remaining in that cycle. An overload indicator lets you know if you’re overtaxing the blender.

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix Blenders are known around the world as one of the top line of high speed blenders. The Vitamix is a tradition which has been around for decades. The Vitamix 5200 was introduced to the United States in about 2007 as an improvement on the Vitamix 5000 model.

The Vitamix has always been made and put together at a plant in Cleveland Ohio. While assembled in the United States, the Vitamix is created of a motor and design that was crafted in Sweden.

The Vitamix has a motor which is housed in the base. Your choice of colors are available for your base. The jar is, of course included and in the box you will find a two part blender lid, a users guide, a tamper, as well as a DVD and warranty, a registration card and a recipe book which offers you about 50 great recipes.

The motor of the Vitamix is nearly completely square, about 8 inches wide and 9 inches deep. The blender in all weighs in at about 11 pounds, with most of the weight being the motor housing area. Soft rubber switches complete the well build design with a central dial controlling the blender speed.

The Vitamix has an 11.5 amp motor which peaks out at 2 horse power coming from the 1380 watt motor. The speed is about 37 thousand revolutions per minute. The very strong polycarbonate container which was part of the Vitamix 5000 is significantly improved in the 5200, comprised of Tritan, a new chemical compound which is far more resistant to heat and to chemical degradation.The Vitamix comes with a dry grains jar as well as a wet food jar for easy blending of nearly anything you may elect to blend.

The container holds a bit more than two quarts when filled and offers a max fill line so you know when to quit. The blade is attached to the jar, but is easily removable with a jar wrench that can be purchased from the Vitamix company.

Designed for high speeds and high efficiency, the Vitamix will quite easily process nearly any kind of raw fruits and veggies that you can throw at it for the ultimate in smoothie creation.

Blending smoothies in which you will add some very hard raw vegetables such as carrots requires the use of a high speed blender in order to get the texture and the smoothness that you want from them. Of the blenders out there, both high speed and low speed, very costly as well as mid-range, the two reviewed here seem to be the best option for your purposes.

There are some minor differences between the Blendtec and the Vitamix, not the least of which is the extra jar available with the Vitamix, however as a general rule they are comparable blenders and for use in creation of smoothies or green smoothies, the two are interchangeable.


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