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Folate rich foods


Recommendations for Folate (mcg/day)

Life StageAgeRDA for menUL for menRDA for womenUL for women
Infants0-6 months65 (AI)*65 (AI)*
Infants6-12 months80 (AI)*80 (AI)*
Children1-3 years150300150300
Children4-8 years200400200400
Children9-13 years300600300600
Adolescents14-18 years400800400800
Adults19-50 years4001,0004001,000
Adults51-70 years4001,0004001,000
Adults> 70 years4001,0004001,000
Pregnancy14-18 years--600-
Pregnancy19-50 years--600-
Breast-feeding14-18 years--500-
Breast-feeding19-50 years--500-
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Best food sources of Folate

FoodServingAmount of Folate (mcg)% of RDA
for men
Rating% of RDA
for women
Spinach baby1 cup (150g)23859.5Excellent59.5Excellent
Beef liver, cooked3 oz (85g)21553.8Excellent53.8Excellent
Lentils, cooked1/2 cup (99g)17944.8Excellent44.8Excellent
Turnip greens1 cup (144g)17042.5Excellent42.5Excellent
Pinto beans, cooked1/2 cup (85,5g)14736.8Excellent36.8Excellent
Chickpeas, cooked1/2 cup (82g)14135.3Excellent35.3Excellent
Asparagus, cooked1/2 cup (90g)13433.5Excellent33.5Excellent
Black beans, cooked1/2 cup (86g)12832Excellent32Excellent
Navy beans, cooked1/2 cup (91g)127.531.9Excellent31.9Excellent
Adzuki beans, cooked1/2 cup (100g)12130.3Excellent30.3Excellent
Kidney beans, cooked1/2 cup (88,5g)11528.8Excellent28.8Excellent
Collards, cooked1/2 cup (95g)88.522.1Excellent22.1Excellent
Broccoli florets, cooked1/2 cup (78g)84.221.1Excellent21.1Excellent
Avocadosmall (100g)8120.3Excellent20.3Excellent
Lima beans, cooked1/2 cup (94g)7819.5Good19.5Good
Artichokes, cooked1/2 cup (84g)74.818.7Good18.7Good
Beetroot, cooked1/2 cup (85g)6817Good17Good
Mussel, cooked3 oz (85g)64.616.2Good16.2Good
Romaine lettuce1 cup (47g)63.916Good16Good
Sunflower seeds1 oz (28g)6315.8Good15.8Good
Mung bean sprouts1 cup (100g)6115.3Good15.3Good
Oats, cooked1/2 cup (117g)51.512.9Good12.9Good
Green peas, cooked1/2 cup (80g)50.512.6Good12.6Good
Egg large2 large (100g)4711.8Good11.8Good
Brussels sprouts, cooked1/2 cup (78g)46.811.7Good11.7Good
Soybeans, cooked1/2 cup (86g)46.511.6Good11.6Good
White rice, cooked1/2 cup (79g)45.811.5Good11.5Good
Parsnip, cooked1/2 cup (78g)45.211.3Good11.3Good
Soy milk1 cup (250g)4511.3Good11.3Good
Boysenberries1/2 cup (66g)41.610.4Good10.4Good
Quinoa, cooked1/2 cup (92,5g)38.99.7-9.7-
Blood orangemedium (121g)36.29-9-
Orangemedium (121g)36.29-9-
Rye1 slice (32g)35.28.8-8.8-
Bell pepper redsmall (74g)348.5-8.5-
Pomegranate arils1/2 cup (87g)33.18.3-8.3-
Hazelnuts1 oz (28g)31.67.9-7.9-
Salmon, cooked3 oz (85g)28.97.2-7.2-
Corn, cooked1/2 cup (82g)28.77.2-7.2-
Walnuts1 oz (28g)27.46.9-6.9-
Cauliflower, cooked1/2 cup (62g)27.36.8-6.8-
Arugula1 cup (28g)27.26.8-6.8-
Sesame seeds1 oz (28g)27.26.8-6.8-
Amaranth, cooked1/2 cup (123g)27.16.8-6.8-
Papaya1/2 cup (70g)26.66.7-6.7-
Radish4 medium (100g)256.3-6.3-
Clam, cooked3 oz (85g)24.76.2-6.2-
Flaxseed1 oz (28g)24.46.1-6.1-
Bananamedium (118g)23.65.9-5.9-
Bok choy1/2 cup (35g)23.15.8-5.8-
Poppy seeds1 oz (28g)235.8-5.8-
Green cabbage, cooked1/2 cup (75g)22.55.6-5.6-
Wild rice, cooked1/2 cup (82g)21.35.3-5.3-
Green beans, cooked1/2 cup (62,5g)20.75.2-5.2-
Trout, cooked3 oz (85g)20.45.1-5.1-
Cuttlefish, cooked3 oz (85g)20.45.1-5.1-
Octopus, cooked3 oz (85g)20.45.1-5.1-
Jackfruit1/2 cup (82,5g)19.85-5-
Chestnuts1 oz (28g)19.64.9-4.9-
Bread, mulitgrain1 slice (26g)19.54.9-4.9-
Kiwifruit skin on1 medium (76g)194.8-4.8-
Tomato1 medium (123g)18.44.6-4.6-
Blackberries1/2 cup (72g)184.5-4.5-
Celery1/2 cup (50g)184.5-4.5-
Kelp2 tbsp (10g)184.5-4.5-
Squash, cooked1/2 cup (90g)184.5-4.5-
Red cabbage1/2 cup (75g)184.5-4.5-
Cantaloupe1/2 cup (85g)17.94.5-4.5-
Strawberries1/2 cup (72g)16.64.2-4.2-
Millet, cooked1/2 cup (87g)16.64.1-4.1-
Bulgur, cooked1/2 cup (91g)16.44.1-4.1-
Pumpkin seeds1 oz (28g)16.24.1-4.1-
Honeydew1/2 cup (85g)16.24-4-
Cheese ricotta, low fat1/2 cup (124g)16.14-4-
Grapefruitmedium (123g)164-4-
Coconut milk1/2 cup (120g)15.53.9-3.9-
Mushrooms, shiitake, cooked1/2 cup (72,5g)15.33.8-3.8-
Parsley10 springs (10g)15.23.8-3.8-
Cheese ricotta1/2 cup (124g)14.93.7-3.7-
Dandelion greens1 cup (55g)14.93.7-3.7-
Pineapple1/2 cup (82,5g)14.93.7-3.7-
Coconut meat2 oz (56g)14.63.7-3.7-
Carp, cooked3 oz (85g)14.53.6-3.6-
Pike, cooked3 oz (85g)14.53.6-3.6-
Almonds1 oz (28g)143.5-3.5-
Oysters3 oysters (140g)143.5-3.5-
Pistachios1 oz (28g)143.5-3.5-
Green leaf lettuce1 cup (36g)13.73.4-3.4-
Veal lean, cooked3 oz (85g)13.63.4-3.4-
Lychees1/2 cup (95g)13.33.3-3.3-
Yogurt low fat1/2 cup (120g)13.23.3-3.3-
Raspberries1/2 cup (61,5g)12.93.2-3.2-
Spelt, cooked1/2 cup (97g)12.63.2-3.2-
Barley, cooked1/2 cup (78,5g)12.63.1-3.1-
Pearmedium (178g)12.53.1-3.1-
Leek, cooked1/2 cup (52g)12.43.1-3.1-
Milk, cow's1 cup (244g)12.23.1-3.1-
Alfalfa sprouts1 cup (33g)11.93-3-
Eel, cooked3 oz (85g)11.93-3-
Halibut, cooked3 oz (85g)11.93-3-
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