Nutrition Myths

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Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are components of proteins and are used for breaking down food. They are also a source of energy and growth and help repair tissues. Amino acids are divided into three categories:

Dark Meat

The dark meat refers to dark/white meat category and looks at the different types of muscles of an animal. "Dark" meat is often confused with "red" meat which is used in the different context. Muscles used for endurance, require more oxygen and...

White Meat

White meat may refer to either of two, often-confused categories: The red/white meat category indicates a group of animals with low amounts of myoglobin in the muscles, such as poultry and fish. This group of animals is established by the USDA and...


The best food sources of proteins are those that contain the full range of essential amino-acids (complete proteins) and are from animal origins: fish, seafood, meats, dairy and eggs. Most plant food sources lack some essential amino-acids and are...