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Vitamin A

Recommendations for Vitamin A (mg/day)

Life StageAgeRDA for menUL for menRDA for womenUL for women
Infants0-6 months400 (1,333 IU)600 (2,000 IU)400 (1,333 IU)600 (2,000 IU)
Infants6-12 months500 (1,667 IU)600 (2,000 IU)500 (1,667 IU)600 (2,000 IU)
Children1-3 years300 (1,000 IU)600 (2,000 IU)300 (1,000 IU)600 (2,000 IU)
Children4-8 years400 (1,333 IU)600 (2,000 IU)400 (1,333 IU)900 (3,000 IU)
Children9-13 years600 (2,000 IU)1,700 (5,667 IU)600 (2,000 IU)1,700 (5,667 IU)
Adolescents14-18 years900 (3,000 IU)2,800 (9,333 IU)700 (2,333 IU)2,800 (9,333 IU)
Adults19-50 years900 (3,000 IU)3,000 (10,000 IU)700 (2,333 IU)3,000 (10,000 IU)
Adults51-70 years900 (3,000 IU)3,000 (10,000 IU)700 (2,333 IU)3,000 (10,000 IU)
Adults> 70 years900 (3,000 IU)3,000 (10,000 IU)700 (2,333 IU)3,000 (10,000 IU)
Pregnancy14-18 years--750 (2,500 IU)-
Pregnancy19-50 years--770 (2,567 IU)-
Breast-feeding14-18 years--1,200 (4,000 IU)-
Breast-feeding19-50 years--1,300 (4,333 IU)-
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Best food sources of Vitamin A

FoodServingAmount of Vitamin A (IU)% of RDA
for men
Rating% of RDA
for women
Beef liver, cooked3 oz (85g)26960.3898.7Excellent1155.6Excellent
Sweet potato, cooked1/2 cup (100g)15741524.7Excellent674.7Excellent
Turnip greens1 cup (144g)10982366.1Excellent470.7Excellent
Carrot1 medium (61g)10190339.7Excellent436.8Excellent
Kale, cooked1/2 cup (65g)8854.5295.2Excellent379.5Excellent
Collards, cooked1/2 cup (95g)7708256.9Excellent330.4Excellent
Spinach, cooked1/2 cup (90g)7380.5246Excellent316.4Excellent
Pumpkin, cooked1/2 cup (122,5g)6115.5203.9Excellent262.1Excellent
Dandelion greens1 cup (55g)5588186.3Excellent239.5Excellent
Romaine lettuce1 cup (47g)4094136.5Excellent175.5Excellent
Eel, cooked3 oz (85g)3219107.3Excellent138Excellent
Cantaloupe1/2 cup (85g)2874.795.8Excellent123.2Excellent
Green leaf lettuce1 cup (36g)266588.8Excellent114.2Excellent
Beet greens1 cup (38g)240480.1Excellent103Excellent
Bell pepper redsmall (74g)231777.2Excellent99.3Excellent
Tuna, cooked3 oz (85g)214271.4Excellent91.8Excellent
Chard1 cup (36g)2140.671.4Excellent91.8Excellent
Bok choy1/2 cup (35g)1563.852.1Excellent67Excellent
Grapefruitmedium (123g)141547.2Excellent60.7Excellent
Apricot2 apricots (70g)134844.9Excellent57.8Excellent
Broccoli florets, cooked1/2 cup (78g)120740.2Excellent51.7Excellent
Watercress1 cup (34g)108536.2Excellent46.5Excellent
Tomato1 medium (123g)102534.2Excellent43.9Excellent
Sour cherries, pitted1/2 cup (77,5g)994.333.1Excellent42.6Excellent
Passionfruit4 medium (72g)91630.5Excellent39.3Excellent
Asparagus, cooked1/2 cup (90g)90530.2Excellent38.8Excellent
Parsley10 springs (10g)84228.1Excellent36.1Excellent
Papaya1/2 cup (70g)765.525.5Excellent32.8Excellent
Oats, cooked1/2 cup (117g)726.524.2Excellent31.1Excellent
Coriander10 springs (10g)674.822.5Excellent28.9Excellent
Arugula1 cup (28g)66422.1Excellent28.5Excellent
Green peas, cooked1/2 cup (80g)64121.4Excellent27.5Excellent
Mango1/2 cup (82,5g)63121Excellent27Excellent
Brussels sprouts, cooked1/2 cup (78g)60420.1Excellent25.9Excellent
Cuttlefish, cooked3 oz (85g)573.819.1Good24.6Excellent
Cheese2 oz (56g)56218.7Good24.1Excellent
Cheese ricotta1/2 cup (124g)55218.4Good23.7Excellent
Peachmedium (150g)48916.3Good21Excellent
Egg large2 large (100g)48816.3Good20.9Excellent
Clam, cooked3 oz (85g)484.516.2Good20.8Excellent
Cheese ricotta, low fat1/2 cup (124g)47615.9Good20.4Excellent
Plum2 medium (132g)45615.2Good19.5Good
Green beans, cooked1/2 cup (62,5g)437.514.6Good18.8Good
Watermelon1/2 cup (76g)432.414.4Good18.5Good
Chili1 medium (45g)42814.3Good18.3Good
Leek, cooked1/2 cup (52g)42214.1Good18.1Good
Heavy cream1 oz (28g)41213.7Good17.7Good
Oysters3 oysters (140g)378.812.6Good16.2Good
Butter1tbsp (14g)35011.7Good15Good
Basil leaves5 leaves (5g)2779.2-11.9Good
Green bell pepper1 small (74g)2749.1-11.7Good
Blood orangemedium (121g)272.39.1-11.7Good
Orangemedium (121g)272.39.1-11.7Good
Mussel, cooked3 oz (85g)258.48.6-11.1Good
Octopus, cooked3 oz (85g)2558.5-10.9Good
Milk, cow's1 cup (244g)2498.3-10.7Good
Trout, cooked3 oz (85g)2448.1-10.5Good
Celery1/2 cup (50g)224.57.5-9.6-
Quail, cooked3 oz (85g)198.96.6-8.5-
Shrimp, cooked3 oz (85g)191.26.4-8.2-
Squash, cooked1/2 cup (90g)1916.4-8.2-
Corn, cooked1/2 cup (82g)1635.4-7-
Blackberries1/2 cup (72g)154.15.1-6.6-
Mackerel, cooked3 oz (85g)1535.1-6.6-
Halibut, cooked3 oz (85g)152.25.1-6.5-
Avocadosmall (100g)1464.9-6.3-
Grouper, cooked3 oz (85g)140.34.7-6-
Blackcurrants1/2 cup (56g)128.84.3-5.5-
Mint5 leaves (3g)1274.2-5.4-
Swordfish, cooked3 oz (85g)116.53.9-5-
Pumpkin seeds1 oz (28g)1063.5-4.5-
Herring, cooked3 oz (85g)1023.4-4.4-
Snapper, cooked3 oz (85g)97.83.3-4.2-
Chicken breast filet, cooked3 oz (85g)95.23.2-4.1-
Figs1 large (64g)90.93-3.9-
Jackfruit1/2 cup (82,5g)90.83-3.9-
Scallops, cooked3 oz (85g)852.8-3.6-
Dill5 sprigs (1g)77.22.6-3.3-
Bananamedium (118g)752.5-3.2-
Lobster, cooked3 oz (85g)742.5-3.2-
Pistachios1 oz (28g)73.42.4-3.1-
Oregano1 tsp (1g)692.3-3-
Pike, cooked3 oz (85g)68.92.3-3-
Kiwifruit skin on1 medium (76g)662.2-2.8-
Duck, cooked3 oz (85g)65.52.2-2.8-
Applemedium (120g)64.62.2-2.8-
Yogurt low fat1/2 cup (120g)61.22-2.6-
Green cabbage, cooked1/2 cup (75g)602-2.6-
Fennel1/2 cup (43,5g)58.52-2.5-
Haddock, cooked3 oz (85g)53.61.8-2.3-
Cucumber1/2 cup (50g)52.51.8-2.3-
Rhubarb1 stalk (51g)521.7-2.2-
Alfalfa sprouts1 cup (33g)51.11.7-2.2-
Grapes1/2 cup (75g)49.91.7-2.1-
Pineapple1/2 cup (82,5g)47.91.6-2.1-
Boysenberries1/2 cup (66g)44.21.5-1.9-
Honeydew1/2 cup (85g)42.51.4-1.8-
Salmon, cooked3 oz (85g)42.51.4-1.8-
Crayfish, cooked3 oz (85g)42.51.4-1.8-
Dates, pitted1 oz (28g)41.81.4-1.8-
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