Recommendations for Zinc Chloride (mg/day)

Life StageAgeRDA for menUL for menRDA for womenUL for women
Infants0-6 months2 (AI)42 (AI)4
Infants6-12 months3535
Children1-3 years3737
Children4-8 years512512
Children9-13 years823823
Adolescents14-18 years1134934
Adults19-50 years1140840
Adults51-70 years1140840
Adults> 70 years1140840
Pregnancy14-18 years--12-
Pregnancy19-50 years--11-
Breast-feeding14-18 years--13-
Breast-feeding19-50 years--12-
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Best food sources of Zinc

FoodServingAmount of Zinc (mg)% of RDA
for men
Rating% of RDA
for women
Oysters3 oysters (140g)23.7215.6Excellent296.5Excellent
Beef, lean3 oz (85g)4.844Excellent60.6Excellent
Beef liver, cooked3 oz (85g)4.541Excellent56.3Excellent
Lamb lean, cooked3 oz (85g)4.137.1Excellent51Excellent
Crab, cooked3 oz (85g)3.632.5Excellent44.6Excellent
Cuttlefish, cooked3 oz (85g)327Excellent37.2Excellent
Octopus, cooked3 oz (85g)2.926.3Excellent36.1Excellent
Goose, cooked3 oz (85g)2.724.7Excellent34Excellent
Veal lean, cooked3 oz (85g)2.724.7Excellent34Excellent
Quail, cooked3 oz (85g)2.624Excellent32.9Excellent
Turkey, cooked3 oz (85g)2.623.7Excellent32.6Excellent
Scallops, cooked3 oz (85g)2.523.2Excellent31.9Excellent
Lobster, cooked3 oz (85g)2.522.4Excellent30.8Excellent
Clam, cooked3 oz (85g)2.320.9Excellent28.7Excellent
Mussel, cooked3 oz (85g)2.320.9Excellent28.7Excellent
Duck, cooked3 oz (85g)2.220.1Excellent27.6Excellent
Poppy seeds1 oz (28g)2.220Excellent27.5Excellent
Sesame seeds1 oz (28g)2.220Excellent27.5Excellent
Pumpkin seeds1 oz (28g)2.119.1Good26.3Excellent
Rabbit, cooked3 oz (85g)218.5Good25.5Excellent
Cheese2 oz (56g)1.816.4Good22.5Excellent
Adzuki beans, cooked1/2 cup (100g)1.816.4Good22.5Excellent
Pine Nuts1 oz (28g)1.816.4Good22.5Excellent
Eel, cooked3 oz (85g)1.816.2Good22.3Excellent
Chicken breast filet, cooked3 oz (85g)1.816.2Good22.3Excellent
Cheese ricotta, low fat1/2 cup (124g)1.715.5Good21.3Excellent
Pork lean, cooked3 oz (85g)1.715.5Good21.2Excellent
Cashew nuts1 oz (28g)1.614.8Good20.3Excellent
Carp, cooked3 oz (85g)1.614.7Good20.2Excellent
Cheese ricotta1/2 cup (124g)1.412.7Good17.5Good
Sunflower seeds1 oz (28g)1.412.7Good17.5Good
Shrimp, cooked3 oz (85g)1.412.4Good17Good
Pecans1 oz (28g)1.311.8Good16.3Good
Swordfish, cooked3 oz (85g)1.311.6Good15.9Good
Crayfish, cooked3 oz (85g)1.311.6Good15.9Good
Chickpeas, cooked1/2 cup (82g)1.311.4Good15.6Good
Lentils, cooked1/2 cup (99g)1.311.4Good15.6Good
Egg large2 large (100g)1.210.9Good15Good
Spelt, cooked1/2 cup (97g)1.210.9Good15Good
Flaxseed1 oz (28g)1.210.9Good15Good
Herring, cooked3 oz (85g)1.110-13.8Good
Brazil nuts1 oz (28g)1.110-13.8Good
Wild rice, cooked1/2 cup (82g)1.110-13.8Good
Yogurt low fat1/2 cup (120g)1.19.8-13.5Good
Amaranth, cooked1/2 cup (123g)1.19.5-13.1Good
Chia seeds1 oz (28g)19.1-12.5Good
Milk, cow's1 cup (244g)19.1-12.5Good
Quinoa, cooked1/2 cup (92,5g)19.1-12.5Good
Soybeans, cooked1/2 cup (86g)19.1-12.5Good
Black beans, cooked1/2 cup (86g)18.6-11.9Good
Green peas, cooked1/2 cup (80g)18.6-11.9Good
Mushrooms, shiitake, cooked1/2 cup (72,5g)18.6-11.9Good
Navy beans, cooked1/2 cup (91g)18.6-11.9Good
Kidney beans, cooked1/2 cup (88,5g)18.6-11.9Good
Lima beans, cooked1/2 cup (94g)0.98.2-11.3Good
Walnuts1 oz (28g)0.98.2-11.3Good
Pinto beans, cooked1/2 cup (85,5g)0.97.7-10.6Good
Almonds1 oz (28g)0.87.4-10.2Good
Millet, cooked1/2 cup (87g)0.87.3-10-
Mackerel, cooked3 oz (85g)0.87-9.6-
Pike, cooked3 oz (85g)0.87-9.6-
Abalone, cooked3 oz (85g)0.87-9.6-
Oats, cooked1/2 cup (117g)0.86.8-9.4-
Hazelnuts1 oz (28g)0.76.4-8.8-
Peanuts1 oz (28g)0.76.4-8.8-
Tuna, cooked3 oz (85g)0.76.2-8.5-
Barley, cooked1/2 cup (78,5g)0.75.9-8.1-
Coconut milk1/2 cup (120g)0.75.9-8.1-
Avocadosmall (100g)0.65.5-7.5-
Brown rice, cooked1/2 cup (97,5g)0.65.5-7.5-
Coconut meat2 oz (56g)0.65.5-7.5-
Pistachios1 oz (28g)0.65.5-7.5-
Flounder, cooked3 oz (85g)0.54.6-6.4-
Perch, cooked3 oz (85g)0.54.6-6.4-
Pollock, cooked3 oz (85g)0.54.6-6.4-
Cod, cooked3 oz (85g)0.54.6-6.4-
Asparagus, cooked1/2 cup (90g)0.54.5-6.3-
Buckwheat, cooked1/2 cup (84g)0.54.5-6.3-
Corn, cooked1/2 cup (82g)0.54.5-6.3-
Mushrooms, crimini, raw1/2 cup (43,5g)0.54.5-6.3-
Tofu1 cup (100g)0.54.5-6.3-
Bulgur, cooked1/2 cup (91g)0.54.5-6.3-
Grouper, cooked3 oz (85g)0.43.9-5.3-
Haddock, cooked3 oz (85g)0.43.9-5.3-
Halibut, cooked3 oz (85g)0.43.9-5.3-
Trout, cooked3 oz (85g)0.43.9-5.3-
Bread, mulitgrain1 slice (26g)0.43.6-5-
Broccoli florets, cooked1/2 cup (78g)0.43.6-5-
Macadamia1 oz (28g)0.43.6-5-
Mung bean sprouts1 cup (100g)0.43.6-5-
White rice, cooked1/2 cup (79g)0.43.6-5-
Rye1 slice (32g)0.43.6-5-
Whole wheat, cooked1/2 cup (50g)0.43.6-5-
Blackberries1/2 cup (72g)0.43.5-4.8-
Squash, cooked1/2 cup (90g)0.43.2-4.4-
Cocoa powder1 tsp (5g)0.33.1-4.3-
Salmon, cooked3 oz (85g)0.33.1-4.3-
Snapper, cooked3 oz (85g)0.33.1-4.3-
Alfalfa sprouts1 cup (33g)0.32.7-3.8-
Artichokes, cooked1/2 cup (84g)0.32.7-3.8-
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